Yankees’ J.A. Happ Contracts Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Ahead of Red Sox Start

New York clubhouses may be well served to install some extra hand sanitizer dispensers after the Yankees pitcher J.A. Happ joined Mets ace Noah Syndegaard with the contraction of hand, foot and mouth disease. 

According to the New York Post’s George A. King III, the newly-acquired Yankee was sent home from the team on Tuesday due to the disease. He is now in jeopardy of missing his next start which slated for this weekend’s series against the Red Sox. 

Common in young children, the disease is most often caught by adults dealing with young kids, who require diaper changes and potty training. Looks as though Happ’s dad duties got in the way of his career in this instance.

Happ joins Syndegaard in absence from the mound due to the disease. The Mets ace went on the disabled list on July 22.

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