Kevin Durant Cuts Warriors a Break by Reportedly Wishing to Re-Sign to Team-Friendly Contract

Since joining Golden State, Kevin Durant’s free agency has been as anticlimactic as the Warriors’ title pursuits. Weeks ago Durant made clear that his re-signing with the Warriors was a certainty. The only relevant question was how, exactly, he would re-sign; with most every option available to him, what kind of contract structure would Durant prefer?

We found our answer Saturday night, hours before the official start of free agency. As was first reported by Marc Stein of the New York Times, Durant will inform the Warriors that he wishes to sign a two-year max deal with a player option, allowing him to re-enter free agency next season. Doing so will cost Durant nearly $6 million for the 2018-19 season after already leaving money on the table in his contract with the Warriors from last summer. It does, however, position Durant for a massive deal next summer—when the NBA’s salary cap is projected to be significantly higher.

The higher cap in 2019 not only means that more teams would have the space to sign Durant, but that any max contract—which increases proportionally to the cap—would be worth more. Incidentally, Durant will save the Warriors millions in salary and millions more in luxury tax payments by signing this way. If being the most dominant, talent-rich team in the league weren’t enough, the defending champs continue to benefit from a series of happy coincidences. 

Durant’s roughly $30 million salary for next season will make him the second-highest-paid Warrior behind Stephen Curry ($37.5 million). That he opted for a contract structure with a smaller immediate salary (Durant could have been paid $35.7 million in 2018-19 had he signed a four-year deal, per cap guru Albert Nahmad) better positions Golden State to overhaul its bench this summer. There would be no reason for the Warriors to skirt using their full mid-level exception to add even more talent after Durant yet again cut the team a financial break. 

Lasting dynasties find ways to sustain themselves, and the way Durant has navigated his free agency these last two years has only added to the Warriors’ staying power. Next summer could be different. Durant came to Golden State for a new challenge, and someday will leave it for another—no matter if Golden State keeps winning titles.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Dazzles at CEO in Daytona Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA – New Japan Pro Wrestling broke new ground in Daytona Beach on Friday, as IWGP heavyweight champion Kenny Omega partnered with CEO Fighting Game Championship to deliver the “When Worlds Collide” card at the Ocean Center.

Omega teamed with Kota Ibushi in the main event to defeat Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Tetsuya Naito and Hiromu Takahashi.

“A lot of people had sensed some tension between myself and Naito and wanted to see us collide,” said Omega, who was awarded a CEO title belt following the match by founder Alex Jebailey. “They got an early taste of that tonight.”

The 22-minute encounter featured four of New Japan’s top stars and ended after midnight with a Golden Trigger knee strike from both Omega and Ibushi to Takahashi, who was then covered by the pair for the win.

“A lot of people thought this was just going to be a ‘spot’ show and there was no way we were going to pull out all the stops, but I don’t take off nights,” Omega said. “People saw what I was working on. I didn’t sandbag. I produced everything backstage, and then I produced in the main event.

“I wasn’t going to let Naito get away with an easy win. Hiromu wanted to show everyone he could hang with the heavyweights, and he showed that, but we couldn’t let him sneak a win on Ibushi or a win over me. We had to represent as the best tag team on the planet and I had to represent as champion.”

Daytona Beach’s Ocean Center is a venue with tremendous history, as it served as the home to Hulk Hogan’s iconic heel turn into the New World Order in 1996.

“I was very proud to wrestle in the same venue as Hulk Hogan,” Ibushi said. “I also want to be a legend someday.”

“Hulk Hogan became ‘Hollywood’ here,” added Omega. “To honor Hollywood Hogan, I wore my Hollywood Jurina shirt to the ring. Both are legends.”

Including connections and delays, Ibushi’s trip from Tokyo to Florida took 23 hours, but he refused to back down on his promise to support Omega at the show.

“Kenny is one of my best friends, and I wanted to help him,” said Ibushi. “That’s why I’m here.”

The undercard also delivered four solid matches spanning multiple styles, with the opener featuring the legendary, 53-year-old Jushin Thunder Liger defeating Rocky Romero with a Liger Bomb.

The Guerrillas of Destiny defeated Juice Robinson and David Finlay in a tag match that allowed all four men to shine, and suplex machine Jeff Cobb battled fellow rising star Chase Owens in a very entertaining match that saw Cobb victorious.

“It’s so great to be a part of two companies coming together for the common good in CEO and New Japan,” said Cobb. “To be victorious in front of that crowd, in front of New Japan World, and show the dominance I’m going to bring into the Cow Palace at the G1 Special, that is going to help me mark my name down in New Japan history when I give Hirooki Goto a tour of the islands on July 7.”

Dragon Lee and Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Roppongi 3K before the main event, and the majority of the crowd was behind Omega, who is a devoted gamer and will be staying all weekend at CEO. Despite the allegiance to Omega, the crowd at the Ocean Center also showed love to LIJ’s Takahashi and Naito, despite their indifference in return.

“It doesn’t matter if people cheer or they don’t cheer,” said Naito, who lost his IWGP Intercontinental title just less than a month ago to Chris Jericho but remains resolute in his LIJ leadership. “I’m going to bring the same Naito package no matter what. The crowd doesn’t bother me, I’m not going to change for fans who love me or ones who don’t.”

As world champion, Omega has a vision for New Japan, which primarily centers around delivering a compelling product that can be viewed throughout multiple continents as well as establishing a much stronger reach in North America. He was grateful that New Japan would entrust him to take a step toward accomplishing that goal, as the Daytona Beach event was broadcast live by the CEO Twitch stream and shattered prior wrestling viewership numbers on Twitch.

“We had great viewership, on a video game channel no less, and that goes to show these communities are willing to crossover and support each other,” said Omega, referring to the fan bases of eSports and pro wrestling. “My goal is to reach out to those people who don’t know what we’re all about. My vision is that we can be entertaining to everyone, it’s a universal entertainment that we provide.

“This wasn’t the same magnitude as forming the NWO, but we did something that no one thought we could do or would do. But we did it anyway, and we had an arena full of people that had a lot of fun. For a wrestling card to stand out at a gaming convention, it goes to show how much our entertainment value can provide.”

Justin Barrasso can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @JustinBarrasso.

2018 NBA Free Agency: Live Blog

Free agency begins at midnight on July 1, and after months of rumors, it’s finally time to start finding out where players are headed next. While deals can’t officially be consummated until July 6, the madness has already gotten underway and will only ramp up on Saturday night. 

Though the offseason will largely center on LeBron James’ decision and a potential Kawhi Leonard trade, there’s plenty to monitor around the rest of the league that could alter the landscape of the NBA. James and DeAndre Jordan opted out of their deals on Friday, making both players unrestricted free agents. Given the recent activity by the Clippers and Mavericks, Jordan could have a path made for Dallas, though he’ll have other suitors. Most every team will try and court James, though reporting has suggested that the Lakers, Cavaliers, and 76ers are the most likely desintations. 

• NBA Free Agency 2018: Top 50 Players Available

Here is the latest news from around the league. 

11 p.m.: Barton to return to Denver

Will Barton will sign a 4-year deal with the Nuggets worth just over $50 million once free agency officially begins, Chris Mannix of Yahoo reports. The fourth year will be a player option, per Zach Lowe. The deal won’t look quite as rich by the end of the term if current cap projections hold, but snagging a $50 million deal with a player option before free agency officially begins is a win for Barton, who is right in the middle of his prime. 

A microwave scorer and unabashed gunner, Barton averaged a career-high 15.7 points and 33 minutes per game last season. With him now back on the books, Denver will likely be a player in the trade market to shed money and avoid excessive tax bills. Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Darrell Arthur, and Mason Plumlee could all be trade candidates, per Marc Stein

10:47 p.m.: Could Boogie end up in L.A.?

The Lakers are rumored to make a run at DeMarcus Cousins in free agency, the Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reports. With Paul George apparently off the market, L.A. may view Cousins as a piece that could help attract LeBron to Los Angeles. 

Cousins missed the final 34 games of last season and the playoffs due to a torn Achilles tendon. When healthy, he was one of the most dominant players in the NBA, averaging 25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game next to Anthony Davis. The Pelicans are also expected to try and retain Cousins, likely also on a short-term contract. 

10:30 p.m.: Baynes likely to stay in Boston

Aron Baynes hasn’t scheduled meetings with any teams outside of Boston, and the two sides are hoping to agree to a deal that keeps Baynes a Celtic, per Keith Smith. Baynes started 67 games and averaged six points last season, and is one of the best defensive centers in the NBA. Though he’ll likely come off the bench full-time next season as Gordon Hayward returns from his injury, Baynes should be an important piece of Boston’s rotation nonetheless. 

9:30 p.m.: Durant will stay in the Bay, at least for now

Kevin Durant is expected to re-sign with the Warriors just after midnight on July 1. The deal is expected to be for one year, $30.5 million with a player option for $31.5 in the second season

This will allow Durant to re-enter free agency as early as next summer and the Warriors to save millions in luxury tax payments. Golden State will only get more expensive and will likely be faced with re-signing Durant and Klay Thompson next summer. 

June 30, 9 p.m.: The Stage Is Set

Before things kick off at midnight, a quick roundup of the rumblings around the league leading up to July 1: 

• The NBA officially set the salary cap for 2019 at just under $101.9 million, with a tax line of $123.7 million, per Yahoo Sports’ Shams Charania

• LeBron James arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday and reportedly will not meet with the Cavaliers in person, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. Cleveland will do everything it can to keep James around next year. LeBron’s interest in returning, however, remains unclear. 

• Paul George appears to be leaning toward a return to Oklahoma City, according to the New York Times’ Marc Stein. ESPN’s Royce Young also reported that George will be in Oklahoma City for a party thrown by Russell Westbrook (according to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Mannix, Thunder front office members will also be at Westbrook’s shindig). George is not eligible for the Designated Player Extension, and his eight years of NBA service prevents him from earning the 10-year maximum salary. With a two-year deal (or one-year agreement with a player option), he could hit the market again in 2020 after his 10th season with a chance to earn a max contract. 

Aside from James, George may be the best player on the market this summer, and a partnership between the two on the Lakers had been rumored for some time leading into free agency. That possibility seems less likely, though George could theoretically reverse course for Los Angeles should he so desire. Still, George’s barber has hinted at a return to OKC. If that isn’t binding, what is? 

2018 NBA Free Agent Tracker: Follow Every Move

With the NBA Finals and Draft in the books, it’s time to turn our attention to free agency, which tips off July 1. With big names like LeBron James, Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins on the market, the NBA could look drastically different next year as teams mount runs to dethrone the Warriors. The Crossover is here to track every move this summer and provide all the latest details and analysis.

While free agency moves will begin to be reported on midnight July 1, deals can’t become official until July 6. Check out The Crossover’s rankings of the top 50 free agents this offseason, as well as our predictions and free-agent matchmaker. Be sure to check back with The Crossover’s homepage for more free-agent rumors and news.

2018 NBA Free Agent Tracker

Getty Images

2018 NBA Free Agents: Complete List and Player Movement

• Acy, Quincy, (BKN) UFA

• Afflalo, Arron, (ORL) UFA

• Anderson, Kyle, (SAS) RFA

• Anthony, Carmelo, (OKC) UFA***

• Arcidiacono, Ryan, (CHI) RFA#

• Ariza, Trevor, (HOU) UFA

• Arthur, Darrell, (DEN) UFA*

• Artis, Jamel, (ORL) RFA#

• Babbitt, Luke, (MIA) UFA

• Baker, Ron, (NYK) RFA*

• Barton, Will, (DEN) UFA

• Baynes, Aron, (BOS) UFA

• Beasley, Michael, (NYK) UFA

• Belinelli, Marco, (PHI) UFA

• Bertans, Davis, (SAS) RFA

• Bird, Jabari, (BOS) RFA#

• Bjelica, Nemanja, (MIN) RFA

• Black, Tarik, (HOU) UFA

• Booker, Trevor, (IND) UFA

• Bradley, Avery, (LAC) UFA

• Brewer, Corey, (OKC) UFA

• Brooks, Aaron, (MIN) UFA

• Brown, Anthony, (MIN) RFA#

• Brown, Lorenzo, (TOR) UFA

• Brown, Markel, (HOU) RFA#

• Caboclo, Bruno, (SAC) RFA

• Calderon, Jose, (CLE) UFA

• Caldwell-Pope, Kentavious, (LAL) UFA

• Capela, Clint, (HOU) RFA

• Carter-Williams, Michael, (CHA) UFA

• Carter, Vince, (SAC) UFA

• Casspi, Omri, (GSW) UFA

• Cavanaugh, Tyler, (ATL) UFA

• Chalmers, Mario, (MEM) UFA

• Chandler, Wilson, (DEN) UFA*

• Clark, Ian, (NOP) UFA

• Collison, Nick, (OKC) UFA

• Connaughton, Pat, (POR) RFA

• Cooke, Charles, (NOP) RFA#

• Cooley, Jack, (SAC) RFA#

• Costello, Matt, (SAS) RFA#

• Cousins, DeMarcus, (NOP) UFA

• Craig, Torrey, (DEN) RFA#

• Crawford, Jamal, (MIN) UFA*

• Crawford, Jordan, (NOP) UFA

• Cunningham, Dante, (BKN) UFA

• Curry, Seth, (DAL) UFA

• Davis, Ed, (POR) UFA

• Dedmon, Dewayne, (ATL) UFA*

• Delaney, Malcolm, (ATL) RFA

• Doyle, Milton, (BKN) RFA#

• Dozier, PJ, (OKC) RFA#

• Durant, Kevin, (GSW) UFA*

• Ellington, Wayne, (MIA) UFA

• Ennis III, James, (DET) UFA

• Evans, Tyreke, (MEM) UFA

• Exum, Dante, (UTA) RFA

• Favors, Derrick, (UTA) UFA

• Felder, Kay, (DET) RFA#

• Felton, Raymond, (OKC) UFA

• Ferrell, Yogi, (DAL) RFA

• Forbes, Bryn, (SAS) RFA

• Frazier, Tim, (WAS) UFA

• Frye, Channing, (LAL) UFA

• Gay, Rudy, (SAS) UFA*

• George, Paul, (OKC) UFA*

• Georges-Hunt, Marcus, (MIN) RFA

• Gibson, Jonathan, (BOS) RFA

• Gordon, Aaron, (ORL) RFA

• Graham, Treveon, (CHA) RFA

• Grant, Jerami, (OKC) UFA

• Green, Danny, (SAS) UFA*

• Green, Gerald, (HOU) UFA

• Green, Jeff, (CLE) UFA

• Hamilton, Daniel, (OKC) RFA#

• Harrell, Montrezl, (LAC) RFA

• Harris, Devin, (DEN) UFA

• Harris, Joe, (BKN) UFA

• Harrison, Aaron, (DAL) RFA

• Haslem, Udonis, (MIA) UFA

• Hezonja, Mario, (ORL) UFA

• Hicks, Isaiah, (NYK) RFA#

• Hilliard, Darrun, (SAS) RFA#

• Holmes, Richaun, (PHI) RFA**

• Hood, Rodney, (CLE) RFA

• House, Danuel, (PHX) RFA#

• Huestis, Josh, (OKC) UFA

• Ilyasova, Ersan, (PHI) UFA

• Ingram, Andre, (LAL) RFA

• Jack, Jarrett, (NYK) UFA

• Jackson, Aaron, (HOU) RFA**

• Jackson, Demetrius, (PHI) RFA#

• James, LeBron, (CLE) UFA*

• Jefferson, Amile, (MIN) RFA

• Jefferson, Richard, (DEN) UFA

• Johnson, Amir, (PHI) UFA

• Johnson, Joe, (HOU) UFA

• Johnson, Wesley, (LAC) UFA*

• Jokic, Nikola, (DEN) RFA**

• Jones Jr., Derrick, (MIA) RFA#

• Jordan, DeAndre, (LAC) UFA*

• Joseph, Cory, (IND) UFA*

• Kanter, Enes, (NYK) UFA*

• Kornet, Luke, (NYK) RFA#

• Koufos, Kosta, (SAC) UFA*

• Larkin, Shane, (BOS) UFA

• Lauvergne, Joffrey, (SAS) UFA*

• LaVine, Zach, (CHI) RFA

• Lawson, Ty, (WAS) UFA

• Lee, Damion, (ATL) RFA

• Len, Alex, (PHX) UFA

• Looney, Kevon, (GSW) UFA

• Lopez, Brook, (LAL) UFA

• Mack, Shelvin, (ORL) UFA

• Magette, Josh, (ATL) RFA#

• Matthews, Wesley, (DAL) UFA*

• Mbah a Moute, Luc, (HOU) UFA

• McCaw, Patrick, (GSW) RFA

• McConnell, T.J., (PHI) RFA**

• McCree, Erik, (UTA) RFA#

• McCullough, Chris, (WAS) UFA

• McDermott, Doug, (DAL) RFA

• McGee, JaVale, (GSW) UFA

• Meeks, Jodie, (WAS) UFA*

• Mejri, Salah, (DAL) RFA

• Mickey, Jordan, (MIA) RFA**

• Miller, Malcolm, (TOR) RFA#

• Mirotic, Nikola, (NOP) UFA**

• Monroe, Greg, (BOS) UFA

• Moore, Ben, (IND) RFA#

• Muhammad, Shabazz, (MIL) UFA

• Munford, Xavier, (MIL) RFA#

• Muscala, Mike, (ATL) UFA*

• Napier, Shabazz, (POR) RFA

• Nelson, Jameer, (DET) UFA

• Neto, Raul, (UTA) RFA

• Niang, Georges, (UTA) RFA#

• Noel, Nerlens, (DAL) UFA

• Nogueira, Lucas, (TOR) RFA

• Nowitzki, Dirk, (DAL) UFA**

• Nurkic, Jusuf, (POR) RFA

• Nwaba, David, (CHI) RFA

• O’Quinn, Kyle, (NYK) UFA*

• Okafor, Jahlil, (BKN) UFA

• Pachulia, Zaza, (GSW) UFA

• Paige, Marcus, (CHA) RFA#

• Parker, Jabari, (MIL) RFA

• Parker, Tony, (SAS) UFA

• Paul, Chris, (HOU) UFA

• Payton II, Gary, (LAL) RFA#

• Payton, Elfrid, (PHX) RFA

• Perkins, Kendrick, (CLE) UFA

• Perrantes, London, (CLE) UFA

• Peters, Alec, (PHX) RFA#

• Plumlee, Marshall, (MIL) RFA#

• Quarterman, Tim, (HOU) UFA

• Randle, Julius, (LAL) RFA

• Redick, JJ, (PHI) UFA

• Rivers, Austin, (LAC) UFA*

• Robinson III, Glenn, (IND) UFA

• Rondo, Rajon, (NOP) UFA

• Rose, Derrick, (MIN) UFA

• Sampson, JaKarr, (SAC) RFA#

• Scott, Mike, (WAS) UFA

• Sessions, Ramon, (WAS) UFA

• Shumpert, Iman, (SAC) UFA*

• Smart, Marcus, (BOS) RFA

• Smith, Jason, (WAS) UFA*

• Speights, Marreese, (ORL) UFA

• Stauskas, Nik, (BKN) RFA

• Stephenson, Lance, (IND) UFA

• Temple, Garrett, (SAC) UFA*

• Teodosic, Milos, (LAC) RFA*

• Terry, Jason, (MIL) UFA

• Thomas, Isaiah, (LAL) UFA

• Tolliver, Anthony, (DET) UFA

• VanVleet, Fred, (TOR) RFA

• Vonleh, Noah, (CHI) RFA

• Wade, Dwyane, (MIA) UFA

• Wallace, Tyrone, (LAC) RFA#

• Walton Jr., Derrick, (MIA) RFA#

• Wear, Travis, (LAL) RFA

• Webb III, James, (BKN) RFA#

• West, David, (GSW) UFA

• White III, Andrew, (ATL) RFA#

• Wilcox, CJ, (POR) RFA#

• Young, James, (PHI) UFA

• Young, Joe, (IND) RFA**

• Young, Nick, (GSW) UFA

• Young, Thaddeus, (IND) UFA*

UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent
RFA = Restricted Free Agent
* = Player Option
** = Team Option
*** = Early Termination Option

# = Two-Way Free Agent

Report: Kevin Durant Intends to Sign Two-Year Deal With Warriors

Durant reportedly wants a new one-year deal with a player option for the 2019-20 season.

Kevin Durant reportedly intends to sign a two-year max deal with the Warriors, according to ESPN.

Durant is interested in a new one-year deal with a player option for the 2019-20 season, which would make him a free agent next summer. The new deal would reportedly pay Durant $30.5 million, which is the most he could get for one year off of his previous salary. He could make $31.5 million if he opted into the second year.

Durant declined his 2018-19 player option worth $26.2 million to enter free agency.

Durant’s deal is expected to come shortly after 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday when free agency opens, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times.

The forward has spent the last two seasons with the Warriors. Durant averaged 26.4 points with 6.8 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 68 games last season.

NBA Sets $101.9 Million Salary Cap for 2018-19 Season

The 2017-18 salary cap was $99.093 million.

The NBA set the salary cap at $101.869 million for the 2018-19 season, the league announced.

The tax level for next season is set at $123.733 million. Both will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday, July 1, which is when the moratorium period begins for teams to begin negotiating contracts with free agents. The moratorium period ends at 12:01 p.m. ET on July 6.

Set at 90 percent of the salary cap, the minimum team salary is $91.682 million. The Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for three mid-level exceptions depending on a team’s salary level.

The salary cap for the 2017-18 season was set at $99.093 million.

Report: Russell Westbrook Throwing House Party in Oklahoma City, Paul George Attending

Westbrook is reportedly throwing a “summer hype house party” on Saturday night as free agency approaches.

Russell Westbrook is reportedly throwing a house party on Saturday night, and his Thunder teammate Paul George will attend, according to ESPN.

Westbrook is having a “summer hype house party” with around 500 guests. Rapper Nas is expected to perform, and the invitation read “The FOMO will be real,” reports ESPN.

The reason for Westbrook throwing the party is unclear, but it coincides with the same night NBA free agency begins.

George will become a free agent at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday. He declined his player option on Thursday but is reportedly considering signing a two- or three-year deal to stay with the Thunder, according to The New York Times‘s Marc Stein.

George is also rumored to be considering signing with the Lakers and 76ers.

The Thunder traded for George last July, sending Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis to the Pacers.

Las reacciones de Lionel Messi al terminar el partido contra Francia

Se disputó el primer partido de los Octavos de Final de Mundial de Rusia 2018 y la selección francesa se llevó el triunfo de manera contundente ante una Argentina que fue el reflejo de un equipo que nunca terminó por funcionar. 

Las reacciones luego de que terminara el partido serán muchas y el lente de las cámaras estaba enfocado sobre el astro argentino Lionel Messi, quien aparentemente disputó su última Copa del Mundo con Argentina.

Tras el silbatazo final del juez central, los jugadores de Francia se alegraron y celebraron a lo largo del campo. Caso contrario, fue la tristeza que invadió a los jugadores argentinos, entre ellos Lionel. Aunque el ’10’ no lloró, su rostro triste y desencajado lo decía todo. Incrédulo ante un nuevo fracaso para la albiceleste luego de quedar subcampeón en Brasil 2014.

Muchas hinchas argentinos en esta ocasión no dejaron de alentar ni al terminar el partido: “Es un sentimiento, no puedo parar”. Los jugadores retribuyeron con algunos tibios aplausos. Messi levantó la mano y empezó a caminar al vestuario, siendo uno de los primeros en meterse en el túnel. En zona mixta no habló con la prensa y fue directo al bus.

Algunos medios argentinos como ESPN revelaron que al astro del fútbol mundial se le vio con algunas lágrimas en el vestuario y con el semblante bastante decepcionado por haber desaprovechado una vez más la oportunidad de consagrarse en la historia de las Copas Mundiales.

Los 2 jugadores que renuncian a la Selección Argentina luego de perder ante Francia

Un amargo episodio vive de nueva cuenta la selección argentina, luego de caer con marcador de 4-3 ante su similar de Francia. El futuro de varios jugadores de la albiceleste luce incierto pues varios estarían dispuestos a abandonar el barco luego de quedar eliminados de la justa mundialista. 

Javier Mascherano y Lucas Biglia han dado un paso al costado y manifestaron que no se pondrán más la camiseta azul y blanca que durante tanto tiempo representaron con orgullo, pues consideran que sus mejores años ya han pasado.

Todo parece indicar que se viene una fuerte sacudida en Argentina y nuevas generaciones buscarán dar ese salto de calidad que este conjunto de jugadores comandados por Lionel Messi no han podido realizar.